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Application of electronic indu

Electronics industry applications


  Speaking drop resistance performance, non-silicone material silicone protective cover protective cover is none other than seismic cushioning properties of silicone rubber material is very high, but you can also wash dirty. For iPad Air to create a protective cover of a silicone material, the super popular brands shock, fall from a height of one meter, iPad safe. A friend might like to focus next.
  Silicone case of imported high-quality environmental silicone rubber materials produced by Seiko, delicate and smooth, bright colors and elegant styles, the most important is that it is very strong seismic drop resistance, and can be recycled, while the same color can be used with silicone Bluetooth keyboard, silicone typing more convenient. Thin, flexible, completely fit body, ergonomic design, comfort grip.Channel open design, with amplification effect, enhanced three-dimensional sound outside, no power, you can make your iPad instantly doubling the volume.
  As a dare to try new things, young fashion personality in terms of how to make your own iPad protective shell on hand with other people, “Zhuangshan”, a popular public face? Silicone Case in exterior design, crafted in every detail can be described, this has a unique birth, exclusive first speakerphone function, but with a retractable stand freely, whether watching movies, or chatting with friends, allows users according to their needs, choose the right angle, can be described as very user friendly!
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