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Application of electronic indu

Electronics industry applications


  Today silicone as the remote control selection for two reasons
  Often nest on the sofa, watching television a few people, but if anyone curious too, why the TV remote control buttons are mostly silicone? Recently, on almost know the appliance industry has been engaged in a friends for a lot of reasons behind the analysis.
  First, the market reasons
  Before “smart TV” appears, the TV remote control only basic accessories, TV in the “big (screen) thin (thickness) and more (function),” the trend, few take the remote control as a selling point, especially intense competition in the domestic appliance market, profits thin, most manufacturers with the lowest cost to achieve it, resulting in product monotonous.Why use silicone keys specific to? Mainly cost-effective.
  Second, the product reason
  1, early TV function machine age, the product features a very complex, numerous and palm buttons so big, one-handed operation and to ensure that all ages, resulting in crowded on the remote control (usually 20 to 30) and a small convex button bits the button layout. (In order to ensure the feel and tactile force feedback, a single button to maintain a certain gap and height) of such product forms lead to less technical alternative.
  2, TV belong to consumer durables, the remote control as standard material for high durability requirements, such as the use of Nokia QWERTY keyboard phone three years wear paint, and the TV remote control at home with seven or eight years and no buttons hinder. Therefore, silicone remote control simple structure, stable quality, low maintenance is a major reason.
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