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Automotive Applications


  In recent years, more car owners in the purchase of automotive interior and other supplies have begun to focus on the health and environmental protection, the initiative to improve interior air microenvironment. Many consumers began turning harmless to health and high temperature, hardy “silicone car products.”
  Internationally, vehicle air pollution is not a new topic, many years ago, in the United States had been listed as one of the car pollution “five hazards to human health.” With the widespread use of cars in the country, vehicle air pollution spate of cases, especially exposure “Mercedes toxic” and other events, causing widespread concern.
  The main ingredient is silica, silica gel, chemically stable, non-toxic, and its chemical composition and physical structure, determines that it has many other similar material was difficult to replace characteristics: high adsorption properties, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength. Jushi Silicone has a strong adsorption capacity, human skin can produce desiccation. Silica gel adsorption of water, you can use exposure, burning baking, dried and other methods regeneration.
  The greatest advantage of silicone Jushi is recyclable and will not cause secondary pollution. Silicone steering wheel cover
  It is understood that the car smelled odd green silicone products, 100% high quality silicone raw materials. Product non-toxic, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance; with superior waterproof, non-slip, anti-mildew, anti sediment. Quality silicone rubber material, solid and reliable, continuous bending is not broken, strong product toughness; and easy to clean, just washed repeatedly with water, drying can be used. Does not release toxic gases formaldehyde, benzene and other safety and environmental protection.
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