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Automotive industry applicatio

Automotive Applications


  Silicone used in the car have?
  Silicones in automotive electronic devices are: adhesive and sealants, encapsulants, gels, insulating coatings, thermal plastic and other materials. These materials are used to protect the engine control module, ignition and ignition module Juan, powertrain module, brake system module, emissions control module, power supply systems, lighting systems, various sensors, connectors. And so on. Adhesive and sealant: used as an adhesive in the various control modules fixed on a circuit board components, or large components, such as capacitors, inductors, and the auxiliary coil are secured to prevent components due vibration and fall off, there is a fixed and damping functions.There is also used as a bonding and sealing of the module housing, play sealed, moisture, dirt, corrosion function. The use of thermal conductive adhesive is an adhesive with both cooling function, can be used to fix a power device or adhesive bonding with the heat radiating plate in order to achieve heat dissipation. Dow Corning DC7091 various control module housing in sealing, bonding of the connector has been widely used. The engine control module circuit board and bonded aluminum shell heat between the thermal conductivity is a typical application of adhesive, thermal adhesive Dow Corning 1-9226 is very popular.


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